Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything

Movies/TV shows gives us a way to escape the harsh reality.

Those genuine feelings, thoughts, reactions and qualities are masked within the lives of these fictional characters who in time unknowingly change the lives of the watchers.

Why this show is greatly remembered and adored by girls all over the world? – it shows the unpleasant raw reality of what happens after the prince saves the princess – discarding all that feel good Disney feels.

It is a REAL show, that shows how each character handles and goes through various problems in life. Especially, relationships.

So let me introduce you to TV’s greatest couple :

Meet Nathan and Haley: bad-boy-jock meets do-gooder-tutor in season 1 at the ripe young age of 17. By the end of season one, they’re married. Despite their very young beginnings, Nathan and Haley’s relationship lasts the entire nine seasons, even though many tragedies try to keep them apart.



Forgiveness played very big role to #Naley ‘s relationship lasting over the whole 9 seasons. They separated. They fought. They were on the verge of divorce so many times. When Haley wanted to go on tour for her music, Nathan gave her an ultimatum, if she goes, their relationship is over. She chose to leave. And she came back after a few months, and asked Nathan to take her back. Nathan resisted at first, and it took an entire season to finally forgive Haley and trust her again, because he never stopped loving her regardless. This was the issue of the show that really stuck to me, because this is how  love is suppose to be, with all the messiness and heartbreaks.


Doing whatever it takes to make it work. Not quitting when things get hard. Forgiveness is easy in instruction, not so much in practice. With each mistake, Nathan and Haley eventually come back to each other.


Each time, their relationship is stronger for it.


What I liked about Nathan is that no matter what he’s going through, he’s always there for Haley. Always.


” I promise you, Haley, I will always be there for you. I will always protect you ” – Nathan told Haley when his parents did not approve of their marriage. Nathan confronted his mother after she had said some pretty mean things to Haley, and told her to back off.


” Some girl? She’s my wife ” and he punched his dad – after his dad told him to take the basketball scholarship and when he didn’t want to because he did not want to leave Haley.


Nathan made all of his choices based on what was best for Haley and their relationship – especially as their relationship developed. Haley held the fort for their family once they had a child. Her caring attitude and kindness when facing any situation is what kept their family together and their relationship strong.


Okay okay, let’s move on the fun part of their relationship! No descriptions needed.



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