Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Taking Forever To Reply

1. Pluck your leg hair one by one – and unearth the smoothness of your leg like you’ve never felt before.

2. Stalk all his female followers on Instagram – and get insecure

3. Stalks all who liked his pictures on Instagram – and get even more insecure – don’t forget to bring this up later

4. Make a playlist for breaks up – must have : Happy Ending – Avril Lavinge

5. Edit a selfie you took 2 years ago to be posted on Instagram as a #tb – then delete it after a few minutes because your realized why you didn’t post it in the beginning anyways

6. Miraculously, gains motivation to do some exercise, and gets distracted by Social Media while still wearing your work out clothes

7. Starts looking through old chats and randomly text old friends – then realize why you stopped talking to them in the first place


8. Starts cleaning room because you saw a picture of a minimalist’s room – but realize you’re emotionally attached to everything – even to that wondering dust bunny at the corner of the room

9. Browse through online shopping websites and add stuff to your wish list cause you know you can never afford but putting it in the wishlist feels like hope

10. Or actually buys stuff and regrets it the next day – so you calculate how much you need to survive on for the next month.

11. Advises your best friend (whose still single) to never ever get a boyfriend – comes up with a top 10 to date list for her

12. Cuts hair – because it feels like you’re cutting away the pain – but REGRETS because now you’re ugly

13. Look through pictures of men and think about everything glorious you will do to them – (CENSORED)

14. Realize that you need to go and clean the fish tank – but the fish is all dead – so you just sit there reflecting on how dead your relationship is now

15. Takes a nap – for 3 years and wake up in another dimension

16. Watches make up tutorials – and starts making lists of stuff you need to buy but will never use

17. Try on clothes and have a random photoshoot in your room

18. Streams a series to binge watch again – Friends, One Tree Hill

19. Organize your clothes – and rediscover tops/dresses you thought was lost forever

20. Starts learning the guitar via Youtube videos – so you can play and sing U2 – With Or Without and pour your feelings of abandonment into your playing

21. Throws phone on bed and makes it silent so when he texts, you won’t feel the urge to text

22. Starts retweeting everything relatable on twitter about relationships

23. Then realizes you’ll become independent woman and rule the world, and starts tweeting feministic quotes

24. Writes an entire blog on things to do when your boyfriend takes forever to reply

 – Just calm down, he’s probably asleep or playing DOTA

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