Your Trophy Girl

You lust over her.

You crave her.

You desire her.

You think about her every day. In every way.

You get jealous when she’s with anyone but you.

You work so hard for her. You spend late nights & early mornings thinking about how to keep her in your arms.

You finally get her.

You admire her. You’re so proud of her. You tell everyone about her. You spend time just looking at her. You cherish her every day. You’re so happy with her.

Then you become possessive.

She’s not allowed to go out with other men even if they’ve been her friends since before she met you. She’s not allowed to wear ‘revealing’ clothes even when she feels beautiful. She’s not allowed to wear too much makeup even when she just wants to look pretty for you. She’s not allowed to question your actions even if it hurts her. She’s not allowed to be herself when she’s with your family or friends, as that was deemed not ‘proper’ behavior’ . She’s not allowed to use certain words you deem to be profanity. She’s not allowed to kiss or to even hold your hand when you’re in public because you’re afraid of what people might think.

All she wanted was to be everything you wanted her to be, your perfect girl. But she got tired. Tired of trying to live up to your constricting expectations of the ‘perfect girl’.

And now she’s gone. She’s not your trophy anymore.






Published by beautifulsleepwalker

Beauty, Lifestyle & Everything Nice

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