11 Work Essentials For Every Boss Babe

Hey yalls, welcome, good day, hello

First of all, Happy International Women’s Day to all my hard-working boss babes!

It’s March you guys, how are we still alive? To my working peeps, I feel you. I truly feel you. Here’s something to help you get through the working day. These very small but very crucial items have saved from embarrassing myself in an interview/meeting, manages that surprise period or accident, bad “I can’t do this anymore” headaches, those “I am feeling sick but I still need to work” remedies and many more!

I’ve been in the working world for 3 years now because I am my own sugar daddy. (get it girls!). I’ve been through some situations that I wished I had that thing with me or I wish I had that thing. Ya gurl, suffered for you and has lived to tell you my tales of woe.

For those of you who are starting to come into the working world (It’s super exciting at first, especially when you start earning your own money? Like dang. Dollar dollar bills yo. BUT, A GIANT BUTT. There few things will help you stay ahead of the game and who knows maybe you can pass this on to a sister or brother in need.

SO, let’s beee-gin:

  1. Lip Balm

Girl, Boys, no matter what gender or sexual orientation you might be, NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE wants chapped lips. If you work in an office, you have 93737% chance of developing dry lips. I have big lips and they tend to get dry especially in an aircon office, so my lip balm is my best friend. I have one on my office desk, and in my little makeup in my work bag, so I’ll never be without it. Also, NEVER EVER peel or lick your already very dry lips, it’s not flattering, it will just make it worse. If you do have very dry lips at the end of the day, I recommend, using Vaseline before you sleep. In the morning, take a towel, spritz some water on it and use it to scrub your lips. Gurl, all the flakes will come off to reveal super smooth and pink lips! I mostly prefer lip balms with a little tint because why not?

Colourpop’s So Juicy Plumping Lipgloss in “Dress Code” (it’s so glossy without catching your flying hairs! and it has a minty taste) & Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Shine Compulsion Lipstick (if a lipstick had an affair with a lip balm, this would be it)

2. Lotion

So if my lip balm is my best friend, then my lotion is my ‘can’t live without’ life partner. I have very dry skin. I would say it is a less severe phase of a skin condition called “Ichthyosis Vulgaris”. However, I am happy to report, it is under control. So coming back to lotion, I think moisturizing your skin is important as drinking 4 litres of water a day. So here are my top picks, if you have a problem with dry skin.  Nivea is thicccccccc!


St Ives Repairing Cranberry & Grapeseed Oil & Nivea Repair & Care (lots of repairing!) I use St Ives on a daily basis. However, if my skin is thirsty and dry af, I’ll use the Nivea, because I need extra love.

3. Sanitary Pads

It’s the time of the month again? Surprise! Ladies, we know that the period calendar app is never ever accurate, so it’s best to be prepared at all times. I have a pack of sanitary pads in my office and in my office bag, actually, everywhere I can store sanitary pads, it’s there. Even at my boyfriend’s place. It’s the most uncomfortable and embarrassing thing to go through when your period comes and stains your skirt/pants. I had to ride the train home in my stained pants and it was stressful. So stock up!


I used to use Kotex because it was the in-thing during my school and college days (don’t ask) – but I find that Libresse is so much better. She supports. She absorbs. She protects.

4. Hand Cream

Yes, we’re back in the ‘lotion’ phase, but this time its hand cream! If you use the computer a lot, god, this is a lifesaver. Your hands tend to get dry and honestly, exhausted. I’ve used a few in my lifetime and to me moisture retainment and scent are important. Also, why I started using wasn’t by my own accord, I kept getting them as Christmas gifts and now have a stash to last me at least 3 years. So heh, why not right? I don’t really link the Crabtree ones for their scents but great for hydration. The Innisfree ones smell amazing that I want to preserve them forever!

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Creams(they might be closed down in Malaysia? I’m not sure) & Innisfree Perfumed Hand Cream Miniature Set Holiday Limited Edition

5. Eye Drops

Fam, please, especially my peeps staring at the screens all day. Your eyes are being strained the most and can cause major damage to your sight. I highly recommend getting eye drops for your work station. I have 4 of them stashed in my work bag, office, handbag and home as I wear contacts sometimes. This brand from Japan works best for me and they cater for many times of eye needs.


Rohto Dry Aid Advanced Repair & Rohto C Cube Drops  (especially during the wear of your contact lens)

While writing this, I found out that they a new type just for those of us who have to stare at our screens for work. Not sure if it’s available in Malaysia yet – but hell yeah I’m getting this! (so adult).


6. Deodorant/Perfume

So working long hours, a 9-5 or even a 8AM to 12AM? This is important. Most deodorants only last up to 4 hours a day while most perfumes can last up to 8 to 12 hours (depending on the quality). Shocking? Yes. You’re stinky. So gotta keep refreshing yourself so you feel great and most importantly, you don’t kill your colleagues. Body odor is a major turn off.

Deodorant: Nivea Hokkaido White & Smooth Roll-On (this has sheer fluid that doesn’t leave those nasty white stains!)

Perfume: Mini Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists (I’ve got 5 of these!) Super convenient and small.

7. Mints

I eat mints for fun. I generally like to chew on something while working, so gum or mints are great! But if you have that early morning coffee breath, you those can last forever and YES, we can all smell it. So please, take a mint. Save a life.

Any mints would do, as long as they do the same job.

8. Hair Tie/Clips

Long hair or short hair. You know when you get in that working you mood, you generally want to tie your hair up. And sometimes it’s super frustrating when you can tie your hair up. I don’t know about you, but putting my hair in a bun helps me think better for some odd reason. Oh also, you will lose them eventually. So get cheap ones.


Got these thin hair tyes and clips from DAISO!

We’ve reached the must-haves! So now onto the more, ‘oooo SHE EXTRA’ stuff.

9. Essential Oils

This is very new to me and I’ve only started using them early this year. I got the inspiration from a colleague of mine who uses Peppermint to cure headaches. I thought it was all mish-mash and it was a placebo. However, curious as a cat (pun intended), I bought the Peppermint essential oil and started using it when I started getting headaches at work – and now I have a mini diffuser. It’s safe to say, I like it. Also, I got mini essential oils from @ilpuronatural which is so useful and … cute! And you can get them for different problems.


Got the peppermint oil from Manja Skin at their pop up store at Riuh last year. Peppermint is commonly used to treat headaches. A whiff of this and relaxation station, baby! Got the little babies, Nasal Rescue and Brain Fatigue from Ilpuro

Brain Fatigue is used to promote mental alertness, uplifting aroma, good for fatigue and
stress, breathing issues. So trouble focusing? Try this! It’s got a good mix of Rosemary,
Lemon, Bergamot & Cedarwood essential oils
Nasal Rescue, says it all in its name. It’s used to ease nasal congestion, blocked or runny nose. migraine and headache. Mixed in with a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Frankincense & Rosemary. All the good stuff!

10. Medication

No no.. not that kind of ‘drugs’. See having a stomach ache while you’re working around people is suffering. Eno is your best bet or risk pooping in the public restroom. Pooping is a very sacred thing. It is best done alone in silence (for some). Panadol is great too for those stubborn headaches!


You can get these from any pharmacy! I got these from Caring Pharmacy.

11. Face Mist

A face mist can change your mood so much. Spray two spritz on your face and you’ll feel as though you took a dive in the pool of divine angels. It even helps when you have a brain drain while you’re working and suddenly, all the thoughts and ideas come back! I use it, usually sometime after lunchtime when you start feeling ‘nappy’.


Mario Badescu is a cult favorite when it comes to mists! I love especially love their green tea mist.  Sephora has a set of all 3 face mists in a set here! Bio Essence Bio Water is a new purchase but a fast favourite, this is essentially filled with water infused minerals and the mist is so fine, it’s like walking below a waterfall.

I truly hope some of my rambles made sense and were helpful to you!

You can follow me on Instagram: @katriynann where I give random recommendations and do really fun stuff – hopefully, entertaining stuff.

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