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Ever wanted to try a new hairstyle but you’re afraid of having it on permanently? Me too. SAME. Eversince quarantine started, my urge to DO SOMETHING to my hair has grown..I did cut my bangs and it looked good for 2 hours and then I regretted everything.

Did you know there are wig, hair pieces, hair extensions companies out there that provide simple replacements? Wanna be Ariana Grande for the day? SURE! Wanna be the Princess of Genovia for the night? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Introducing your one stop shop to everything HAIR:


b5bbf3a6-4664-4f7b-b64d-984c49d41a0fLet’s start with how I discovered this company. I’m a big fan of Colourpop and an even bigger fan of their star Marketing Team, Sharon and Jordynn. Sharon is now with Illmakiage.

However, both Sharon and Jourdynn (who are just a little over 2 years older than me) started and founded a hair/wig/extension company called INSERTNAMEHERE. I’ve been following this company since it birthed. I love everything this company stands for; customer feedback & experience, accountability, employee appreciation and their products – AMAZING. Group-1-Kevin-Gould-Sharon-Pak-Jordynn-Wynn-So many different ranges that would suit you whether you have short to long hair, or black to orange hair! And yes, they keep expanding their range. I love that they take to account exclusivity. The award for best natural hair extensions and top natural wigs go to INH. 

I never really thought about wigs because;

1. I thought they’d look too fake and

2. They’re so paiseh (difficult) to put on. When I got these, it only took my 5 minutes to put on..and hello fabu Kat.

3. I know, i’ll never be able to find one that matches my hair colour

I’ve always had very thin hair and envied girls with thick luscious hair. Whenever, I do a pony, it just looks like dried tree roots. (It’s sad)

I’d like to talk about two of their best sellers; their Miya Pony and Sammy Bun!

1. Miya (Pony)

Get it here: Hi, I’m Miya


I’m gonna start with the one that I’m pretty sure most of you are excited about as well. P.S. This pony was the exact same one that Arianna Grande wore in her music video – “In My Head“. 

(I mean look at her work that pony)

After putting this on, I felt so transformed – so untouchable, so atas) I could whip my hair and it would stay put (What sorcery is this????).

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 1.55.56 PM

image000021. SUPER EASY hair wig to apply (only takes 30 seconds!) 
2. Secure hooks and comb on the head

3. EASY to store in a satin bag (provided)
4. Miya Pony is available in 24 colours

To secure the pony to the head, it comes with Velcro and a clip. All I had to do is put my hair up into a high bun, wrap the Velcro around the root of my bun, push the small comb into my hair, and cover the Velcro with the additional hair clips provided to cover it. Within a minute, I had the inches for days!

You can DM @insertnamehere to get colour matched – so don’t worry about not being sure about which colour would suit you best! 

(I instantly became the Princess Jasmine I knew I was meant to be)

2. Sammy (Bun)

Get it here: Hi, I’m Sammy

The Sammy Bun is a dream for girls with thin fine tree root hair like me! I can never do those ‘pretty messy buns’ – I have to tie my hair up in a giant scrunchie and then wrap my hair around it give it the illusion of a nice thick bun (all that effort). With the Sammy Bun, all I have to do is tie my hair up, place the Sammy Bun on and ba-da-bing ba-da-boom – I’m classy. You can either choose to wear it fancy or messy! 

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 1.55.56 PM

1. SUPER EASY hair piece to apply (only takes 30 seconds!) 
2. Secure hooks and comb 
3. EASY to store
4. Sammy Bun is available in 10 colours

INSERTNAMEHERE Hair pieces are made out of synthetic hair and does not tangle easily. Cruelty-free, vegan hairstyles for every occasion! Oh – they’re hair pieces come in so many colours, which makes it easy to colour match your perfect hair pieces or wig. 


Did I mention that all their hair pieces are very affordable? Take them travelling, out on the town, dinner party, wedding – affordable and heatless hairstyles on-the-go! 

I just checked their site and they’re currently running a “Buy 100$ and get a FREE PONY”: Get it here INH BABE

Have a great day, beautiful weirdos!

I do makeup videos and reviews and other fun stuff! Follow me on my instagram for more reviews and life updates: @katriynannn

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